The LAST Table earns “Excellence in Innovation” Bronze Medal

posted on April 10, 2018

Watertown, SD, April 4, 2018 — The Athletic Edge was recently awarded the bronze medal for its LAST Table from Momentum Media’s “Excellence in Innovation” awards program through Athletic Management, Training & Conditioning and Coaching Management. This award serves to honor products that are ga

Summer sports and dehydration

posted on April 10, 2018

When school ends for the summer, summer and fall athletic practices are just getting started. The anticipation for athletes to return to the practice field is a century-old tradition; gearing up in pads and helmets dreaming of the "Friday night lights." Even though their opening night is months awa

Case Study: Dodge City Community College

posted on April 05, 2018

In 2016, Dodge City Community College, located in Dodge City, KS, opened a brand-new Student Activity Center. This facility isn't your typical activity center; the 41,548 square foot facility was constructed as a concrete monolithic dome, which can withstand an F5 tornado (ideal for Kansas' tornado

Athletic trainer vs. personal trainer...what's the difference?

posted on March 22, 2018

The term "athletic trainer" has been used loosely and incorrectly for years. Often confused with a personal trainer, there is a difference. "Really?" you may ask, but the difference is something that should not be confused.

Importance of Sleep in Athletes

posted on February 26, 2018

As more and more research is done on sleep and athletes, we achieve a broader understanding for all the areas it impacts. Three recent studies open our eyes even further, showing how a lack of sleep can affect reaction time, performance, and substance use.



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