• Stor-Edge Carts & Cabinets

    Outfit your training rooms and treatment areas with storage and cabinetry that's stylish, custom-branded and fully modular, meeting your functional needs as well as your budget. Our extensive options mean the choice is yours; plus, ask about our custom-built cabinets. Custom branding adds a final professional touch that sets your facility apart.

  • Stor-Edge Carts & Cabinets
  • Aluma Elite Modality Cart

    Our modality cart allows you the mobility and versatility you need in your training and storage equipment. Rugged, durable, yet light weight, this aluminum product provides you the features necessary in a dependable product.

  • Aluma Elite Stationary Cabinets

    Our cabinet series originates around our rugged aluminum sheet and tube construction. This product line offers the best in durability, functionality and aesthetics. This cabinet provides easy use and security for all of your equipment needs.

  • Stor-Edge Multi-Purpose Carts

    Crafted of solid wood for durability, our Stor-Edge Multi-Purpose Carts are custom built. Choose from many model choices for the right solution to organizing your weights, resistance bands and other tools and equipment.

  • Stor-Edge Modality Carts

    Small with ample storage, our Stor-Edge Modality Carts come in standard and deluxe versions, with multiple drawer and shelf options that keep tools and treatment supplies close so trainers and therapists can work more efficiently.

  • Stor-Edge Stationary Cabinets

    The stylish Stor-Edge Stationary Cabinet system provides multipurpose storage in a variety of options, including base and tall cabinets, shelves or drawers and more - ideal for storing gear and other supplies inside a training room or office.

  • Stor-Edge Medical Wall Cabinets

    Modular, functional, durable and aesthetically pleasing, our line of Stor-Edge Medical Wall Cabinets is cost-effective and suited for multiple applications. They're also designed for use with our Base Cabinets. Apply custom branding for a finishing touch.

  • Stor-Edge Medical Base Cabinets

    With 20 standard options in our Stor-Edge Medical Base Cabinet line, the choices are almost endless. Choose to apply custom branding to carry your brand story throughout your treatment area, or ask about custom-built options by our cabinet shop.