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Apollo Portable Laser System

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Apollo Portable Laser Unit

Move easily from room to room or out in the field with the Apollo Portable Laser Unit. Designed for use by chiropractors, physical therapists, physicians, dentists and veterinarians, our portable unit weighs only 2.3 pounds but delivers powerful results: With a single overnight charge, you can perform up to 60 to 70 treatments. This portable unit also features a user-friendly LCD display with probe status and treatment times (ranging from 10 seconds to 2 minutes), built-in safety and fault detection software and a built-in power test to assess probe output.

Cold laser therapy is a modality that has continued to grow in use over the past decade. Low-level laser technology safely penetrates 1 to 2 inches into the skin to effectively stimulate regeneration of damaged cells and tissues, which brings about more rapid healing and reduces pain. Patients typically receive a series of treatments for conditions, including back and neck pain; sprains and strains; muscular pain; bursitis, tennis elbow, tendonitis and plantar fasciitis; headaches and facial pain; joint problems; inflammation; and post-surgical pain relief.

Every Apollo Laser System also includes 90 days of free support from Dr. Curtis Turchin, MA, DC, a world-renowned speaker, educator and author with nearly 30 years’ experience in using laser therapy to treat acute and chronic pain.

Portable (AP2-PT): Convenient for when wall power is not available, the Apollo Portable Laser unit is equipped with a rechargeable NiMH battery that provides enough power to operate the unit unplugged for approximately 60 treatment minutes (varies depending on probe wattage).  An extra battery and stand-alone charger are provided for keeping alternate batteries charged offline.  The standalone charger will charge a depleted battery within 18 hours.  The Control Unit itself has a charging mode for charging the installed battery overnight.

Dimensions: 5”W x 9”D x 2 ½”H

Apollo Portable Laser System

  • 5”W x 9”D x 2.5”H
  • Portable control unit with choice of probe
  • Heavy-duty construction for office and clinic environments
  • Weighing only 2.3 pounds, the Apollo laser is the lightest, most powerful portable laser you can buy
  • Custom carrying case allows for easy travel to and from office and out in the field
  • User replaceable battery



  • Portable Control Unit
  • 3000mW Cluster Probe
  • Portable Control Unit
  • 500mW Cluster Probe
Accessories Included: Travel bag, 18V DC Adapter, Operation Manual, 2 pair of Laser Safety Goggles, 1 Probe Cable, Laser Tutorial DVD, Light & Laser Therapy: Clinical Procedures Book


      • Apollo AP2-PT Portable Control Unit- (Add a portable control unit to your existing desktop unit)
          Power supply not included.
          • 2 Channel Desktop Control Unit- (Add a desktop control unit to your existing portable unit)
              Power supply not included.


  • 5000mW Cluster Probe
  • *If probe is to be used with a previous Desktop model there is a software upgrade fee.
  • Compatible with: Desktop Unit
  • 4000mW Cluster Probe
  • Compatible with: Desktop Unit
  • 3000mW Cluster Probe
  • Compatible with: Desktop & Portable Units
  • 500mW Point Probe
  • Compatible with: Desktop & Portable Units


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