• Modular Taping Stations

    With our full line of taping stations and cabinets, you can custom design and brand your locker or training rooms with exclusive options you will not find anywhere else. The Athletic Edge's custom taping station branding creates a lasting impression and positive image for your team and serves as a great recruiting tool. Whether you choose a fully customized laminate top or a personalized cushion cover or sling, we have the perfect, cost-effective solutions for your branding needs.

  • Modular Taping Stations
  • Aluma Elite Taping Station

    Our 2 seat taping station is made from durable aluminum and comes with standard tape holders and shelves on each taping seat. The standard center cabinet comes with three drawers and a rugged phenolic top.

  • Aluma Elite Taping Table

    Our taping table is made from durable aluminum and comes standard with a tape holder and aluminum shelf for added storage capabilities.

  • PRO Tilt Taping Station

    The PRO Tilt Taping Stations feature 36" wide cushions for larger athletes.

  • Electric Taping Station

    The need for multiple-size taping seats is a thing of the past. The Electric Taping Station offers features that are designed to support the trainer as well as the athlete.

  • 2-Seat Stations

    The 2-seat modular taping station offers flexibility for the design of your space. With two taping modules and a center cabinet, this station is solidly constructed and fully finished, with several wood and base options, flat top or tilt back and more.

  • 3-Seat Stations

    The 3-seat modular taping station extends your design options. With three taping modules and two center cabinets, this station is solidly constructed and fully finished, with several wood and base options, flat top or tilt back, and more.

  • 4-Seat Stations

    Offered with large teams in mind, our 4-seat modular taping station fits larger locker or training areas. Featuring solid construction, it's built tough and can be customized with a wood or laminate base, flat top or tilt back, and more.

  • Individual Taping Modules

    Customize your locker or training room with individual taping station modules that allow you to design your own space and showcase your school, organization or team logo. Choose from a variety of base, cabinetry, top, even handle and lock options.

  • Individual Center Storage Modules

    Our individual center storage modules are designed to work with our custom taping stations to help you create a space that works for you and your athletes. Choose from a variety of custom options.

  • H-Brace Taping Table

    Our H-Brace Taping Table offers athletic trainers and therapists another design option that still delivers durability, athlete comfort and convenience with features such as hardwood construction, thick high-density foam and storage options.