Crafting Your Athletic Journey with Passion and Precision

Hey there! At The Athletic Edge, we know just how much first impressions count. That's why we're all about working closely with you to ensure your training rooms, locker areas, and facilities aren't just functional – they've got to look extraordinary, too. Our custom-designed products do more than fill a space; they tell your unique story.

We're part of Pivotal Health Solutions and stand among the biggest names in crafting top-notch products for athletic trainers, physical therapists, and other health pros. Our products aren't just standard issues; they're a cut above. Think about our Leg and Shoulder Therapy (LAST) table with its excellent, patent-pending design, sleek modular locker series, cutting-edge cold lasers, and much more.

Our promise? Every product from us ticks all the boxes – durable, user-friendly, comfortable for patients, and perfect for showcasing your brand. We're proud of our skilled team in Watertown, SD, and Springfield, OR, who bring their craftsmanship to every piece we create.

Today, you'll spot The Athletic Edge's signature touch all over the country – from the big leagues to universities and high schools. We're thrilled about that. More than anything, we're excited to work with you to help share your story through equipment and spaces that are both high-quality, branded, and stunningly functional.