First impressions mean a lot.

Here at The Athletic Edge, we understand that.

It’s why we put such care into working with each of our customers to ensure that their training rooms, locker areas and general facilities not only meet their specific needs, but look great too. Our custom products tell a story—your story.

As part of Pivotal Health Solutions, one of the largest manufacturers of beautifully designed and rugged products for athletic trainers, physical therapists and other health care providers, our products go way beyond standard. One of The Athletic Edge’s core competencies is a broad capability to draw on a variety of processes and materials to support our customers’ needs. The result is a feature-rich line of products including the uniquely designed, patent-pending Leg and Shoulder Therapy (LAST) table, the ruggedly handsome and modular locker series, our industry leading cold lasers and more.

We promise that each product meets our exacting standards in terms of durability, user-friendliness, patient comfort, and branding ability. Those are our values, drawn from the fact that at our heart, we remain a Midwestern company, with products crafted every day in our plant in Watertown, S.D., and in our second location in the mountains of Springfield, Oregon.

Today, facilities with that Athletic Edge stamp can be seen across the U.S., from professional teams to universities to high schools. We’re proud of that—and proud to partner with you to tell your story through high-quality, successfully branded and beautifully functional equipment and facilities.


The brands that provide solutions and value for 5 healthcare markets

Pivotal Health Solutions is the nation's leader in offering beautifully designed, quality-manufactured products for the complementary health care field.

Chiropractors, massage therapists, athletic trainers and now anesthesiologists, physical therapists and occupational therapists rely on our extensive line of products to launch and build their practices. As we grew our business, we looked at how health care is consolidating—and we designed and built our products so they could meet the needs of an evolving health care system. It’s all about flexible design, so that no matter what field of complementary health care you’re in, you’ll find products that make your practice easier and help care for your patients in a safe and comfortable fashion.

PHS-chiro-web-logo220x120In the chiropractic field, flexibility is the name of the game. It’s our mantra too. Since we launched in 2005, PHS Chiropractic has become a leader in beautifully designed, customizable chiropractic tables and accessories. 



CCW-web-logo-220x120Originally founded in 1986, Custom Craftworks supports the vital work of professional manual therapists and educators in the massage, therapy and holistic health fields by designing, building and sourcing the best quality massage tables, chairs, equipment and accessories available.



apollo-web-logoDr. Curtis Turchin, a practicing chiropractor, founded Apollo in 2006. When it was acquired by Pivotal Health Solutions in 2011, Dr. Turchin remained to serve as director of clinical sciences.  To create the first Apollo laser system, Dr. Turchin drew from his extensive background in laser technology and chiropractic care, including his work for a company that crafted the first FDA-approved lasers.



phs-medical-web-logo-220x120PHS Medical is the producer of the U.S.’s original, patented Epidural Positioning Device (EPD). Recognized as the world’s best-selling epidural positioner, this flagship product features unique torso positioning, exclusive to our design, that moves the back into an arched position for proper cervical alignment.