Lockers for Any Facility

Locker rooms nowadays feature luxurious lounge area, whirlpools, internet, entertainment areas, just to name a few amenities. Not only are locker rooms a great recruiting edge for schools or high-end clubs, they are crucial as they contribute to the user's overall workout experience. 

Adding comprehensive wood, laminate or metal lockers to your locker room allow security, organization and overall maximized space.

Wood/Laminate Lockers

Our wood and laminate lockers are handcrafted by our superior craftsmen who have been building top-quality wood products for over 30 years. Offered in multiple configurations, these lockers are available to add custom finishing touches such as graphics and additional storage options. 

ArmyWestPoint_1080_2016.jpg WYO_1080_5.jpg


Club Lockers

Not only does The Athletic Edge cater to all sorts of athletic teams and facilities, we also manufacture custom club lockers with high-end finishes for golf and country clubs, health clubs, fitness centers and resorts/day spas. Multiple configurations allow facilities to add beauty, style and strength to any locker room to fit your needs.


Metal Lockers 

Our metal lockers are tough and roomy enough to handle the equipment and gear of any athlete. Each locker is hand built by our experience craftsmen with years of experience in millwork and steel fabrication. Each configuration will exceed your expectations with innovative design and unrivaled quality to meet any size or budget.

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Add THE EDGE to your locker room with The Athletic Edge lockers. 

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