Celebrating National Athletic Training Month: Spotlight on Beka Urban


March shines a spotlight on the unsung heroes of the sports world - Athletic Trainers. In honor of National Athletic Training Month, we met Beka Urban, a dedicated athletic trainer in Devils Lake, North Dakota. She works primarily at Devils Lake High School and Lake Region State College. She also does outreach at Dakota Prairie High School and Lakota High School.  Beka's journey from an athlete to a key player in sports medicine encapsulates the passion and commitment that define this profession. 


From Athlete to Athletic Trainer
Beka's story begins on the volleyball and softball fields of Lake Region State College, where an injury introduced her to the world of athletic training. Reflecting on her inspiration, Beka shares, "I wanted to work with athletes, and I wanted to work in the medical field, and that just seemed like the perfect job for me." Today, she works alongside her former athletic trainer, transforming lives at Devils Lake High School, Lake Region State College, and beyond.

The Reward of Restoring Athletes
Beka finds immense satisfaction in rehabilitating athletes back to their peak performance. "It's really rewarding when they come up to us and say, hey, thank you for working with me and getting me healthy again so I can continue to play," Beka reflects on the gratitude she receives from athletes post-recovery. Despite daily challenges, including evolving communication needs with parents and athletes, Beka emphasizes the importance of keeping everyone on the same page.

Spreading Awareness
As we celebrate National Athletic Training Month, Beka highlights athletic trainers' critical role beyond injury management. "We are the best-trained people for athletic emergencies," she asserts, underscoring the indispensable nature of their expertise in emergencies on the field.


Embracing Technology and Continuous Learning
Tools like Healthy Roster have revolutionized communication with parents, providing instant updates on their child's condition. "It just kind of helps you with that communication aspect... It just kind of brings everybody on the same page," Beka appreciates the technological advancements that streamline her work. Through mandatory continuing education, Beka stays at the forefront of her field, ensuring she brings her athletes the latest and most effective practices.

 A Memorable Journey
"One of our girls is actually part of the Devils Lake High School state qualifying basketball team that's going to state this weekend... It's just been fun to watch," Beka reminisces about aiding an athlete through an ACL tear and witnessing her triumphant return to the court. These success stories fuel Beka's passion and highlight athletic trainers' profound impact on athletes' lives.


Advice for Aspiring Athletic Trainers
"Don't get intimidated by the amount of clinical hours and work that you have to put in... It is incredibly rewarding," Beka encourages newcomers, emphasizing the diverse opportunities within the field.

Looking to the Future
Beka envisions the role of athletic trainers expanding to cater to a broader demographic as sports become increasingly competitive at younger ages. She hopes for greater recognition and appreciation for athletic trainers, emphasizing their role in comprehensive health and wellness.


Beka Urban's journey is a testament to the passion, dedication, and resilience of athletic trainers everywhere. As we celebrate National Athletic Training Month, let's acknowledge these professionals' vital role in sports and wellness.

Here's to the athletic trainers like Beka Urban, who are always there, ready to support, heal, and elevate our athletes. Happy National Athletic Training Month!

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