The Athletic Edge: Wood Locker Options

No matter what configuration, each of The Athletic Edge's wood and laminate lockers start with strength, quality and longevity. Choose your configuration, add some team graphics or other customized options and you have yourself many beautifully handcrafted lockers to make your new facility or renovation outshine others.

Wood/Laminate Lockers

Each wood locker is available in maple or oak wood. Our wood lockers are then coated with a special UV-cured finish to assist with moisture resistance and enhance durability. Lockers are also available in maple, oak, grey or cherry laminate. 



Bat/Stick Holders
The bat/stick holder option is perfect for keeping lacrosse sticks and baseball bats out of the way and secure when not in use.

army-west-point-1.png SMSU-Lockers-3.jpg


Name and Number Tags or Plates
Add personalization to each locker for each player with customized name plates. 

Screen Shot 2017-05-22 at 1.29.52 PM-602583-edited.png
Screen Shot 2017-05-22 at 1.34.44 PM.png


Helmet and Shoulder Pad Racks 
The helmet and shoulder pad rack is an ideal space saver in the locker room. Keep helmets and body pads out of the way by adding a rack on top of each locker.

WA3_Concordia-StPaul.png WA3_Concordia-StPaul-3.png


Custom Graphics
Custom graphics are the perfect finishing touch to bring your entire locker room together. Custom branding also serves as a great recruiting tool.

















Vinyl-colored Foam Cushion Seats & Backs
Add comfort to each locker for your athletes with foam cushion seats and backs. 

MSU-Volleyball6.jpg IMG_4676.jpg

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