Why You Should Use Whole Body Vibration With Every Patient

WBV-1.pngAfter having been in practice for over 30 years, I have noticed some significant changes in the way patients behave. I think it is no surprise for you to hear that people are more stressed out than ever.

What does that mean for your athletes? Are they arriving to their practice overwhelmed, rushed, on the phone, or texting until the moment they walk into the gym or onto the track?

Sometimes they may even be answering the phone while working out, despite a ban on cell phones in gyms or during practice! It just blows me away!

So let me ask you a question, coach:

How ready is the athlete’s body and its musculoskeletal and neurological system to get the best result from the work-out?

Often the athlete's brain/computer is so locked up they hardly notice the impact they are making on their system. They get no major benefit out of the time spent on improving themselves for the next competition.

Let me share with you a simple way to make a difference.

We have every athlete step onto the A3 Whole Body Vibration unit as soon as they step into the training room or locker room.

We have them do some simple balance exercises. We do this because their brain HAS to focus on posture and balance.

The neurologic input of the vibration plate creates what I call a massive "afferent barrage" neurologically and proprioceptively, which inevitably lets the athlete forget about everything else. They have to be present and focused in order to not fall over!

Since I have been implementing this little trick, my athletes are much more aware during the actual practice because we challenged and stimulated the neurologic pathways that effect change via neuroplasticity!

I have noticed that their practice is more focused, they listen better and generally become more involved with their own improvement again.

This little trick literally takes only 3 to 4 minutes! Without needing a staff member to attend, it is an extremely cost-effective way to get better results with every practice.

The athletes feel significantly better physically after using the units. Many of them even step on the units post-practice to help with their post-exercise soreness.

The A3 Whole Body Vibration plates are very affordable, have a small footprint, and consequently are a worthwhile simple investment for any gym or locker room!

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