As American Sports Skew More Armcentric, Throwing Injuries Rise

"And he's out for Tommy John surgery"--how many times have sports announcers made this statement in recent history? Although functional training via the LAST table and soft tissue tools can go a long way toward helping to prevent and treat injury (and avoid surgery), NPR's Frank Deford sparks a conversation about American athletes today and our "armcentric" sports culture--and makes the pitch to athletic trainers, coaches and athletes to start doing more to protect their players and themselves. 

Whatever happened to rotator cuffs? It seems like just yesterday that every pitcher who was injured had a problem with his rotator cuff. But baseball player injuries now invariably require something called "Tommy John surgery," which has become epidemic.

Read more at "As American Sports Skew More Armcentric, Throwing Injuries Rise" on NPR's website. 


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