Case Study: Grand Oaks High School


Grand Oaks High School recently choose The Athletic Edge to provide some furniture/equipment for their brand new athletic training room. Todd Matz, the Athletic Trainer for the Grizzlies, shares his experience working with The Athletic Edge.


Q&A with Todd Matz
Athletic Trainer | Grand Oaks High School

Q: What made you decide to work with The Athletic Edge?

A: "Great quality and I always walked by the booth at NATA saying, 'if I could ever afford to buy it, I would.'  Luckily, I was able to and I'm so glad I didn’t go with lower quality."

Q: Are you pleased with the results of your service and equipment?

A: "Jennifer is amazing! She truly went out of her way on all the calls and emails to make sure it was going to be right and 100% satisfactory.   Then to be able to meet the rest of the crew at the NATA in New Orleans was a blast.  I have had athletic trainers come in and ask why I went with them and not someone lower priced to get more things.  Then they saw the quality and the extra touches that really made it easy to go with Athletic Edge.  I am hoping that will make them choose The Athletic Edge as well."

Q: What are some of your favorite features of your new Athletic Edge equipment?

A: "The treatment tables with the adjustable backs are great.  The athletes really like being able to adjust them.  The split legs that I also received with the adjustable backs come in really handy when I do recovery pumps and/or ice and stim.  The taping station and center piece is a really nice touch with the ability to hold boxes under it and still have tape available to reach above.  The rugs are amazing when you customize them.  We just got the modality cart in and love the size and its ability to hold more than one machine on it."

Grand Oaks-(Aluma Elite-Treatment-Table-No-Cabinet)Aluma Elite Treatment Table


The Grizzlies received the following AE equipment:

Request an Athletic Training  Room Mockup


 "I would recommend AE products to others in a heartbeat! If you can’t afford a whole training room I would say do it piece by piece. Their quality is worth it and the athletes will appreciate it!"  

- Todd Matz, Athletic Trainer for the Grand Oaks High School Grizzlies


Grand Oaks-(Training Room)

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