Case Study: Houston Texans


The Athletic Edge recently completed a project for the Houston Texans athletic training room. Travis Turner, the Assistant Athletic Trainer with the Texans, shares his experience working with The Athletic Edge.


Q&A with Travis Turner
Assistant Athletic Trainer | Houston Texans

Q: Did your athletic training facility present any challenges when it came to treating athletes before you purchased your Athletic Edge equipment?

A: "We struggled with having everything that we wanted/needed.  The ability to have closed storage, change working height to better treat specific injuries, and to have split leg and head elevation.  Having the tables drop in height allows for better practitioner and patient positioning for manual therapy techniques.  Better ergonomics and biomechanics."

Q: What made you decide to work with The Athletic Edge?

A: "The Athletic Edge was able to customize and create exactly what our vision was for our Athletic Training Room.  We were not confined to a box to work in.  We reached for the stars and AE came through."

Q: Are you pleased with the results of your service and equipment?

A: "We are more than pleased with the products.  The AE staff was extremely helpful in the process.  They were very knowledgeable and willing to answer any questions we had. The staff took the time to make sure that we were happy as the customer.  A great relationship has been fostered."

Q: What are some of your favorite features of your new Athletic Edge equipment?

A: "Every feature!! There are multiple options for patient positioning with the  LAST Tables.  This allows for better care and positioning for manual therapy."

Houston Texans- (Last Table)


 The Texans received the following AE equipment:

2 LAST Tables
                • Color Edge Print with Branding Kit
                • Custom Blue Powder Coat
13 Rolling Stools
                • Color Edge Print Logo
13 Electric Treatment Cabinets
               • Custom Blue Powder Coat
               • Custom doors
               • Color Edge Print
               • Large Logo Decals
4 Seat Tape Station
              • Custom Blue Stain
              • Color Edge Print Logos
13 Aluma Elite Modality Carts
              • Custom Powder Coat
1 Custom Cabinet
              • Custom Blue Stain
1 Portable Workstation with Graphics
              • Custom Blue Powder Coat

Request an Athletic Training  Room Mockup


 "We would recommend the AE products and staff to everyone that needs athletic training room equipment.  We are extremely happy with the product and the support of AE." 

- Travis Turner, Assistant Athletic Trainer for the Houston Texans


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