Athletic Trainer Spotlight: Owen Stanley

OwenStanley_headerOwen Stanley, M.S., ATC, CSCS, NREMT, CIDN, has developed a strong working relationship with The Athletic Edge and shares his experience regarding AE athletic training room equipment.


Q&A with Owen Stanley M.S., ATC, CSCS, NREMT, CIDN

Q: You have purchased Athletic Edge products while you were at South Dakota State University, Texas A & M, and the University of Kansas. What keeps you coming back to Athletic Edge?
A: "First and foremost is the high quality and function of the products Athletic Edge produces/distributes and second is the relationship and customer care that is bestowed on purchasers; it is a true partnership from start to finish."

Q: What is your favorite Athletic Edge product and why?
A: "The Leg & Shoulder Therapy (LAST) Table is hands down my favorite product because of its versatility and capabilities to allow me to accomplish so many different aspects of athlete care with one product."

Q: What AE product do you think every Athletic Trainer/Athletic Training Room needs?
A: "The Leg & Shoulder Therapy (LAST) Table is a must. From there, it all depends on space and the type of program you run, but Athletic Edge has the highest quality products in all phases of a facility."

Q: What are some of your favorite features of the Athletic Edge products you've used?
A: "Hands down would be the versatility of many of their tables as well as even their capabilities of soft tissue tools and modalities."

Q: Would you recommend the Athletic Edge to others?
A: "Always have and always will. It's hard to find an all-encompassing company in our profession that also develops a relationship with each individual they do business with; but Athletic Edge is the embodiment of that company."

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