Choosing Your Lockers

The process of renovation or building a new athletic locker room is an exciting experience. Planning out every detail, from the color of the walls to the touches of team branding throughout the facility- there's no doubt the entire team can't wait to get settled into the new facility!

If you're at the point of determining your locker specifications, it can be slightly overwhelming. Of course you want durable, handsome lockers with enough space for your athlete's equipment, but it's also crucial to maintain your budget and the locker room environment. The Athletic Edge offers multiple comprehensive locker solutions to make your decision easy!

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What locker material to choose

When it comes to the executive decision on the material, design and configuration of the lockers, it is important to keep the user demographic in mind. Sure, wood lockers are aesthetically pleasing and perfect for most environment, but are they a good choice in all environments? 

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According to an informal e-mail survey sent to a random sample of high school, college recreation, public recreation/YMCA and health club professionals 75% of the sample preferred metal lockers, 14% liked laminate lockers, wood 8%, laminate 2%, and phenolic 1%. Not surprisingly, metal dominated all categories except health clubs, where laminate led with 46%, followed by metal (29%) and wood (25%).

Typically in wet and humid environments, like locker rooms near swimming pools, laminate lockers may be a better choice, for locker material, as steel would most likely rust over time. Our wood/laminate lockers are beautifully handcrafted and have offered exceptional storage options for all sorts of athletic facilities. The multiple configurations available offer something for every facility's need.

Our steel lockers are perfect for athletes, firemen, EMTs, police and others that need a tough, spacious locker to handle all of their equipment and gear. Our steel lockers also have a great ventilation system- perfect for any locker room! 

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All of The Athletic Edge's lockers are made of materials that are easy to clean, but make sure your locker material is appropriate for your locker room use and you use proper cleaning agents to keep them in good shape.

No matter what type of material you choose for your lockers, be sure you can offer strength, longevity and a locker that can be used for years to come!

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The study mentioned in this blog was originally published here. 

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