Case Study: Dodge City Community College

In 2016, Dodge City Community College, located in Dodge City, KS, opened a brand-new Student Activity Center. This facility isn't your typical activity center; the 41,548 square foot facility was constructed as a concrete monolithic dome, which can withstand an F5 tornado (ideal for Kansas' tornado season!) Complete with new locker rooms for volleyball and men's and women's basketball, the athletic training room, unfortunately, drew the short end of the stick. Due to lack of funds, M. Brian Harvey LAT, ATC, the Head Athletic Trainer at DCCC was forced to take the equipment from the old facility to furnish the school's brand new one.

In the new training room
Courtesty of DCCC

Although disappointed, Brian did not have any other options. In June of 2017, he received a call from the DCCC foundation director telling him there was a generous donation for $25,000 from Dr. James Phillips DC, owner of Phillips Chiropractic and Physical Therapy to update the equipment in the new athletic training room. Although ecstatic, Brian and DCCC were presented some unique challenges to make this dream a reality. That's when MEDCO Sports Medicine and The Athletic Edge stepped in.


In a monolithic dome, there are no 90-degree angles. This presented great challenges when designing the layout to maximize the already very limited space. After some discussion and planning, a functional design was developed for the athletic training room.  

The PW4000

After conquering the design challenge, Brian received some news that could take the entire project off course: the athletic training room had to be complete by the end of 2017. Brian and the rest of DCCC were up for the challenge.

After a few ups and downs, Brian was informed that his deadline would be met!


"You can see for yourself that the Athletic Edge and Medco went above and beyond to make sure that Dodge City Community College would have the nicest, most up-to-date equipment possible," said Brian. "We now have an athletic training room we can be proud of and a facility that Dr. Phillips will be proud to be associated with," said Harvey.


The Dodge City Community College Athletic Training and Sports Medicine program is now complete. DCCC's facility is home to the following Athletic Edge products:

"The Athletic Edge knew how big of a deal this facility was for me and approached with the same enthusiasm and excitement as I did. I can’t thank them enough for all the hard work they put in to build the athletic training room we had envisioned," said Brian.

“It was an absolute pleasure working with Brian at Dodge City Community College on this project. I’m grateful I was able to assist Brian with furnishing his athletic training room with new furniture,” said Jennifer Hoeltzner.

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