Locker Room Crime

Locker room crimes are more common than one may think, and unfortunately, there is no perfect way to prevent locker room crime. Theft and video voyeurism are two main concerns for any locker room.

Locker rooms have lots of hiding places for skulkers with cell phone cameras, or shifty-eyed lurkers with one eye on the door and another on wallets stowed in unsecured lockers. Short of closing off locker rooms altogether, the best way to thwart illegal actions is to remain vigilant - and remind members to do the same.


Most gyms and facilities provide lockers for its members to put personal property in. Some require users to pay and some don't or are included in membership fees. If you are one to avoid added expenses, avoid bringing anything of value to your exercise facility. 

At any school or university, however, make sure your athletes have access to free lockers. Athletes spend a majority of their time working out or at school facilities, ensure their peace of mind with easily accessible lockers!

Another way to keep your locker room secure is to ensure all members of your facility have an ID card to allow them access. Sure, your staff will get to know customers, however, it is important to know who is entering you facility at all times. Anyone with an access card should know what is allowed and what is not in regards to facility policy.

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Although the topic can be uncomfortable, voyeurism can be a problem in locker rooms, and it is important to address it. Many athletic facilities have banned the use of cell phones in locker rooms and even in the workout facilities all together.

Although locker room theft is unpreventable, it is important to make all policies clear, encourage members to take extra steps to keep valuables safe, and to know who your members are. With these simple steps, your facility and locker rooms will be a safe place for everyone to enjoy!

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This blog was curated from an article titles "Locker Room Crime: The Aftermath" written by Heather Peavey for Athletic Business in October 2007 and can be found here.


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