The Athletic Edge: Customizable Upholstery & Proper Care

Clemson-Tape-Station.pngThe Athletic Edge's beautifully designed and rugged products for athletic trainers, physical therapists and other health professionals go way beyond standard. Our ruggedly handsome products sport top-of-the-line upholstery with multiple custom cushion branding. 

It is important to have durable yet comfortable equipment for each athlete or patient. By properly taking care of your table's upholstery, you will ensure your table has a long life!

Logo Slip Covers
Personalize any treatment table, treatment cabinet, or taping station with your school/organization logo. The logo slip cover is a cost effective, removable cover that slips over the lift back/tilt cushion of your table, cabinet, or taping station. Logo slip covers are also easy to replace if your school or organization update logos or colors.


Dallas Mavericks Logo Slip Cover

Debossed Logos
A debossed logo is available on flat or lift back treatment tables, treatment cabinets, and taping stations. During the debossing process, a metal die is pressed down into the upholstery of the cushion leaving an impression of your logo. The debossed logo is a popular branding option that creates a classic look in any space. There is a one time fee for the metal die used to deboss the logo, which can be used on future Athletic Edge equipment orders.


Minnesota Vikings Debossed Logo

 Color Edge Print Logos
The Color Edge Print is the newest Athletic Edge cushion branding option. The Color Edge Print logo is printed directly onto your upholstered cushion, and there are no limits on the number of colors printed in your logo. Add color and team spirit to your space by adding a Color Edge Print logo to your treatment table, treatment cabinet, or taping station.

20170418_065025_coloredgeprint.jpgSt. Augustine High School Color Edge Print Logo

Custom Branded Stools

Custom cushion branding is also available on rolling stools, wood stools, and metal stools.

Stools with Full Color Logos
The Athletic Edge rolling, wood and metal stools all offer a full color logo option. This is the most cost effective way to custom brand your stools with a school/organization logo. Take a look at the custom design created for the University of North Carolina.  

University of North Carolina-Stool-edit[1].jpg

Custom Full Color Stool for University of North Carolina

Stools with Debossed Logos
The debossed logo option is now offered on rolling, wood and metal stools. There is a one time fee for the metal die used to deboss the logo, which can be used on future orders.

ODU-Rolling-Stool_Deboss.jpg  ODU Debossed Logo Rolling Stool

Stools with Color Edge Print Logos
Color Edge Print stools are only available when purchasing a Color Edge Print logo on additional furniture (treatment tables, treatment cabinets, or taping stations). With this custom branding option, the logo is printed directly onto the upholstery of the stool. By choosing a Color Edge Print stool along with your treatment furniture, this ensures an exact match in upholstery color. 

UF-stool.jpg University of Florida Color Edge Print Rolling Stool

 After Each Athlete or Patient...

ProtexWipes_.jpgClean your table with a mild cleaning solution. 

• Solutions of 10% mild household liquid dish soap and warm water work best. This ensures no over use of chemicals and will keep upholstery colors vibrant
• After cleaning with solution, rinse with clean water and thoroughly dry

Try a Disinfecting Wipe

• An easy alternative to mixing solutions is the disinfectant wipe called Protex Ultra Disinfectant WipesMany Pivotal Health customers use these wipes.

What NOT to Use

• Using improper cleaning agents that crack, dry out and destroy your vinyl will result in a VOIDED warranty. 
• Do not use any cleaning agents that contain alcohol, harsh chemicals or abrasives.

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