What Taping Station is Right for my facility?

We know that the look, feel and space of every facility is different, so we have many taping station styles and options to meet the needs of any facility. This includes the availability of a custom number of seats and center cabinets as well as custom dimensions to fit in your specific space.


We have organized our taping stations into 5 categories to help you find which one is right for you and your facility: Flat, Tilt, Individual, Pro Tilt and Aluma Elite. 

Flat Taping Stations

Flat tape stations include a flat, top cushion without an attached back cushion. However, a wall pad can be installed to the wall above the flat tape station for the comfort of a back cushion. Flat taping stations are usually installed against walls and can be configured with numerous cabinet and size options:

- waste hamper cutout
- full cabinet doors or full drawers
- foot extender
- pullout stand
- side storage options
- wall pad (custom logo options available)
- 36" or 42" high
- 36", 42", or 48" deep
- 24" wide cabinets (26" wide with cushions)
- laminate or wood with different color options
- custom branding on the cabinets: small logo decal, large logo decal or custom full color laminate  Download Modular Taping Station Data Sheet

Tilt Taping Stations

Tilt taping stations offer the same exact options as flat taping stations except they include an attached back cushion and the 36" cabinet depth option is not available. The back cushion also has options for custom cushion branding including a logo slip cover, deboss logo or color edge print logo. Tilt taping stations are commonly placed against walls or placed back to back if space allows. 

 Download Modular Taping Station Data Sheet

Individual Modular Taping Stations

Sometimes there are spaces in athletic training rooms that are too small for multiple seat taping stations. That is where an individual tape station comes into play. With all the same storage and cabinet configurations as the flat and tilt taping stations, this is a great option for smaller spaces or facilities that don't demand multiple seat taping stations. 

Download Individual Modular Taping Station Data Sheet

Pro Tilt Taping Stations

Larger athletes will enjoy the 36" wide cushions and armrests on the Pro Tilt Taping Station. Each taping seat comes with one full extension drawer and cabinet with two drawers. The following options are available:

- roll up garage doors
- flush mount handles on doors/drawers
- lock on doors/drawers (not available with flush mount handles)
- 1 seat, 2 seat, 3 seat or custom number of seats
- choose laminate or wood with different color options
- each individual seat module with armrests is 51.5" wide, 46" deep and 36" high (62" high to top of back cushion)
-  custom cushion branding: logo slip cover, deboss logo or color edge print logo
- custom cabinet branding: small logo decal, large logo decal or custom full color laminate graphics   Download PRO Tilt Taping Station Data Sheet


Aluma Elite Taping Stations

These taping stations are made from durable aluminum and feature unique, smart tape holders and open shelves under each 30" wide taping seat. The 28.5" wide standard center cabinet comes with three pull-out drawers and a durable phenolic top with a waste bin cutout. Custom branding decals are included in the base price of this taping station to really make it your own. The following options are available:

- 12 powder coat color choices for frame and accent
- flat top or lift back seat
- heavy duty drawer liners
- 36," 42," or 48" depth
- 36" or 42" high seats (can be ordered with one seat in each height)   Download Aluma Elite Taping Station Data Sheet


Like our taping stations but don't think the standard sizes fit your space? No problem! All of our taping stations allow for a custom number of seats, center cabinets and custom dimensions. We will work with you and come up with a design that fits your space. 


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