Aluma Elite Portable Workstation in the classroom and on the sidelines

Our Aluma Elite Portable Workstations were designed to be easily transportable, convenient for evaluating & treating athletes and weather-proof for outside use. One High School we recently worked with has found an additional use for their Portable Workstations.


Patrick Carras, the Sports Medicine Teacher/Program Director at Pleasant Valley High School searched multiple companies and websites in search of multi-purpose tables and told The Athletic Edge that the Aluma Elite Portable Workstation tables were just what he was looking for. "They are the perfect multi-use table.  I can use them for desks in my Sports Medicine classes, I can use them as lab tables for our physical therapy and athletic training units, and I am able to bring them to our games and set them up on our sidelines for injury treatments because they are portable and fold up so easily."

We worked with Patrick and came up with a design to include the Pleasant Valley logo and color scheme. All 12 tables that were ordered were manufactured in our Watertown, SD facility and shipped to Pleasant Valley High School.

Pleasant Valley-(PW4000)

After receiving their PW4000s, Carras said, "I am extremely happy with the product and so are my students and athletes.  It really gives our Sports Medicine program a more polished look and we have received many positive comments from other faculty and administrators about how nice they look."

When asked about The Athletic Edge's customer service, he replied, "The service I received was top notch.  Aly Whitlock was fantastic to work with!  She was friendly, professional, and extremely communicative.  Whenever I had a question, she would respond right away to help clarify things.  If something came up, she would contact me right away before anything moved forward. It was much appreciated."


Our Aluma Elite Portable Workstations have a lot of great features that Carras also commented on. He said one of his favorite features is the look of the tables. "They look professional and really stand out to the eye.  So many people have commented on them saying how nice they are, especially with our school logo represented so well."

He also likes the versatility and portability of the tables.  "Like I said, I can use them as desks because of the hard top surface, but I can also use them as treatment tables for physical therapy or athletic training for my Sports Medicine classes, or for our after school sports and athletes. Another favorite feature is the convenience of the tables. They fold up so easily and roll away like a piece of luggage.  That is huge for me because I have to bring a lot of stuff to the sidelines and these tables roll so effortlessly."

We love creating solutions and bringing an edge to our customers. Pleasant Valley High School was no exception as they are getting some great use out of their new Aluma Elite Portable Workstations during sporting events and in the classroom. 

"I would absolutely recommend the Athletic Edge to others and I actually can’t wait to be able to order some more things from them for my program.  The customer service was outstanding, and the product is fantastic. We are extremely happy with our purchase."
- Patrick Carras, Health & Sports Medicine Teacher
at Pleasant Valley High School
Thank you Henry Schein Athletics for choosing The Athletic Edge to collaborate with on this project.

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