Case Study: Crandall Independent School District

Crandall Independent School District in Crandall, TX recently upgraded their athletic training room and sideline with a 8' Hydration SmartCart, Aluma Elite 2-Seat taping station, Aluma Elite Treatment Tables, Modality Carts, and a Portable Workstation. Coordinator of Sports Medicine, Mary Lynn Miller, ATC, LAT talks about her program's needs and challenges and discusses the products and features of what the Pirates purchased from The Athletic Edge.

What started out as a simple renovation for Crandall ISD Sports Medicine turned into a win-win situation for their student athletes. According to Mary Lynn Miller, ATC, LAT, “We purchased new treatment tables, modality carts, and a taping station to replace old furniture in our high school training room. However, after we placed the order, we added a new training room at our indoor athletic facility called The Pit or Pirates In Training” explained Miller.

PIT field house

Photo courtesy of WRA Architects

The P.I.T. was designed as a new, 50,800 square foot multi-purpose activity building that provides Crandall Independent School District with 41,000 square feet of enclosed field area for all students to use for a variety of athletic, academic, and fine arts activities. The facility can be used as an open air or closed indoor practice field for football, marching band, weight training, and other activities and the design also includes restrooms, ample storage, and classroom space for the District's growing Career and Technical Education (CTE) program.

PIT signage

Photo courtesy of WRA Architects

“It was perfect timing to add it to the new training room to furnish that room instead. It has been a great addition to our new indoor facility, and we have been able to utilize two training rooms during our busy athletic periods rather than just one, which definitely helps with spacing” added Miller.

Meeting Athletic Training Needs

"Originally, we needed to replace the old furniture in our high school training room, but when our new training room equipment became available it was perfect timing to just add these right into the new one instead" explained Miller. 

In addition to the new furniture, the Pirates added a portable workstation and an 8' Hydration SmartCart. "We also wanted to update our sideline by adding the SmartCart for a more modern and top notch look during home events, and we purchased a portable workstation to use when traveling" added Miller.

ae_Crandall HS-8_Hydration_Cart2_1021

Athletic Edge image

It was very helpful to be able to travel with the portable workstation this past fall as well. We used it for pre-game preparations in the locker room, and then set it up on the sideline for game use. It is very functional, easy to move, and sturdy enough to hold two players getting taped at once.


Photo courtesy of Crandall ISD

Working Smarter with Function & Style

"The new equipment has been a great addition. We love all the storage that the drawers provide on the treatment tables, modality carts, and taping station," added Miller. 

"Probably the most valuable feature on our training room equipment are the drawers and their storage size. We were able to fit a lot more supplies in there than I anticipated, which opened up more space in our storage room for other things. They are also very accessible on our treatment tables, so it makes them very user-friendly."

Besides ease of use, Mary Lynn Miller also identified her favorite Athletic Edge addition. "Personally, I like the treatment tables the best. They are so functional with the movable parts for sitting up, lying down, and elevating legs, as well as all of the great storage in the drawers and on the open shelf. The treatment tables look sharp with our customized colors and school logo."

Treatment Tables & Modality Carts-1

Aluma Elite Treatment Tables & Modality Carts
Photo courtesy of Crandall ISD

"We like the more modern look of the equipment and the ability to customize it to our school colors and mascot as well as the movable backs and split legs on the treatment tables." --Mary Lynn Miller, LAT, ATC
Crandall Independent School District

Crandall Independent School District, WRA Architects, and Coordinator of Sports Medicine Mary Lynn Miller partnered with Alert Services and The Athletic Edge to solve the challenges of portability, storage, custom branding and design, and functionality for their new athletic training room. "We decided to work with The Athletic Edge because of the look of products and the many customizing features available."

In addition to choosing superior products, Miller also elaborated on the quality and custom branding options. "I would highly recommend these products because of the quality of the equipment and how they hold up in a very busy high school training room. I would also recommend them because of all the customization that can be done to meet your needs in any areas of your Sports Medicine department."

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